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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Late to the Party

I know I'm like the last person in America to start watching Glee, but that's how it goes sometimes. And I'm totally loving it! It's kind of nice that there aren't too many episodes to catch up on, although now I'm sad because the only one I haven't seen is the brand new one from last night.

It's hard to quantify exactly why I love the show. I mean, great writing, sharp dialogue, actors who breathe new life into characters who should be stereotypes, fun musical numbers, blah blah blah. Why do I care so much about what happens to Kurt? Why do I love every nasty, mean word out of Sue's mouth--and then cry when she talks to her sister in the very next scene?

I have to give the writers credit--they seem to have picked up on exactly the characters and situations I wanted to see more of, and highlighted them. It's like they can see inside my brain! They even gave me more Brittany, who is weirdly my favorite character. I just find her hysterical, and it weirds me out because the Dumb Blonde has to be one of the most boring, unoriginal stock characters out there--and yet, she makes it fresh and hilarious.

To me, it's all about commitment. The reason Kurt and Sue and Brit are so effing funny and affecting at the same time is that, as over the top as they are, they don't come off as caricatures because the actors have completely committed to their roles. They're not hamming it up, they're really going for it, for the true core of who that person is underneath the wacky behavior. It's a great lesson in how to write comedy that matters.

So who's your favorite member of the Glee club?


My youngest, Megan, who is a musical theatre geek, had a huge Glee party last year for the season finale. What fun! We must have had at least 50 kids watching at the house. Mike Geraci and I watched in private in the den and laughed at both the show and the live crowd reaction coming from the living room.

Funny thing, though, Megan has now declared that Glee has "sold out" and isn't watching this year. I still have all the episodes on my DVR in case she changes her mind ;)

That's hysterical! I actually almost like it more this season, since there's more Brittany and more Kurt (and less Rachel and Finn.)

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