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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holidays Are Coming!

Now that Halloween is over, I'm distracting myself from my looming birthday by focusing on Thanksgiving. Sadly, I never get to cook Thanksgiving dinner because my husband's family always ALWAYS always gets together for that particular holiday. So I have a lot of frustrated turkey dinner plans in me.

This year, though, it looks like Christmas is going to be at my house--with both my parents AND Stinger's parents--so the menu is all up to me! And I'm already planning, because culling through cookbooks and recipes is half the fun.

And then this arrived in my email inbox yesterday, and gave me a whole new set of ideas. Smoked goose! Sounds so delicious. And no-fuss easy-peasy! Which isn't actually what I want for Christmas dinner (I kind of love making a big old fuss for that meal, doing something complicated and over the top) but there will be other nights this holiday season where I'll have a house full of guests to feed, different people in and out, and oh yeah...a book to write! So I'm keeping this little idea stashed in my back pocket for those days.

What about you? With the holidays coming up, do you start flipping through magazines and watching the Food Network to get new ideas for things to serve? Or does your mouth start watering for the old favorite dishes you have every year?


Hi Louisa
Hubby's birthday is Christmas Eve so we always get together with family then. Although I love stuffing & cranberry sauce, we tend to go more for Prime Rib & seafood. He makes amazing gravy & his own homemade shrimp sauce. Hard to enjoy ready made anything when you're married to Mr. Make It From Scratch.

I hope I remember to wish you Happy Birthday on the 4th. Our son's is on the 9th. He likes to remind me that Scorpios are secretive when I give him the 3rd degree LOL. I tell him mom trumps the Zodiac anyday.

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