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Monday, May 3, 2010

Perfect 10!!!!!

I'm almost recovered from RT (short roundup: fabulous friends, fun times with readers, sold out of my books at the signing, and learned a lot from every panel I was on) and almost caught up with the household stuff my husband totally neglected while I was gone. Seriously, the kitchen looked like he'd hosted a frat party, or maybe had cooked a five-course dinner for ten. And sure, some of that was leftover from when I was scrambling to test the recipes for the back of JUST ONE TASTE before I left, but still!

Anyway, after the orgy of cleaning, I finally got down to my email and discovered this fabulous review has just been posted on Romance Reviews Today! ON THE STEAMY SIDE got a 'Perfect 10', the only rating they give, and only to a select handful of books every year. OtSS is now automatically entered in their Best Book of 2010 contest, and I'm in some truly fabulous company on that list. Holy cats. Check it out! I'm so unbelievably stoked. It's a huge thrill every time I read a review where someone totally "got" the book and what I was trying to do. A huge thank you to the reviewer, Allegra Allston--you are currently my favorite person in all the world! Don't be surprised if I name a heroine 'Allegra' sometime in the future. : )


Congrats! That's awesome news!

Woo hoo! Well deserved!

This looks like a fabulous read, and even better a great lead in to your latest book! Kudos!!!!

Thanks, guys! I'm stoked.

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