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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Best American Chef Trilogy

It's official, kids! My next three books will be the Best American Chef trilogy: LUSCIOUS, DELECTABLE, and TANTALIZING! Luscious will be out in March 2011, followed by Delectable in September, then Tantalizing will wrap things up in March 2012.

I'm writing Luscious now, and I'm so into it--it's really thrilling to set up a new group of chefs and foodies. These characters live in the same world as the folks from Market, so they definitely know our old friends Adam Temple, Frankie Boyd, Devon Sparks, and the rest. You can expect some fun cameos! But this series is more than just a new restaurant trying to make it in the high-powered Manhattan food scene--Luscious, Delectable, and Tantalizing will take us through the challenges of competing for the title of Best American Chef in a high-stakes national contest. Think Top Chef, only the chefs compete in teams from around the country! Get ready for sparks flying, heated rivalries, and even more heated kisses and passions flare higher...

Luscious introduces us to the team from Lunden & Sons, a West Village institution that's been in the Lunden family for generations. Max Lunden is called home from wandering the world in search of exotic flavors and cooking techniques to take over the team when his father gets sick. After years abroad, Max has a lot to deal with from his past in Manhattan: Johnny, his pastry chef brother resents him for leaving, sous chef Beck resents him for coming back, and then there's Juliet Cavanaugh, the woman he never thought he'd find again. And she's got a secret...

I don't want to spoil anything by telling you too much more, but I'm sure having fun discovering these people and getting to know them.


I'm so excited about this series and I LOVE the titles!

I can't wait to read them!

Thanks, guys! I'm really digging the titles, too. And the release dates! March and September have been good to me...

Sounds awesome! And I LOVE the titles. Congrats. :)

I can't wait! I'm already licking my lips at the titles :)

Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse.......................................................

Titles are swesome! I can't wait to see the covers and read the books. Get writin'!

Thank you, everyone! I'm so excited about this trilogy. The characters are way fun already!

The titles sound fun, and the blurb makes the next series fell like an exciting thrill. Can't wait!!!!


I'm already licking my lips at the titles
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Sounds awesome! I can't wait!
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