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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Pimp Blog Works Out to OtSS

I'm so tickled that Judi L of the Book Pimp Blog chose On the Steamy Side as her Wednesday Workout Read! It doesn't seem like an obvious choice, at first glance--working out to descriptions of deliciously high-calorie food? But then, I like to watch the Food Network while I'm working out, so who am I to judge. The whole review is interesting and entertaining--man, I don't think I'll ever get tired of finding out what readers think of my books--but the very best part comes at the end, when she sums up in one perfect nutshell everything my writing is about:

"On the Steamy Side is about relationships, new ones, old messed up ones, disappointing family ones, but most importantly that the best relationships are attainable if you're just brave enough to reach out and hold on for dear life before it's too late."

In some sense, as much as each story has its own themes and unique goals for the characters, every book I write boils down to that one sentiment about relationship. I'm thrilled beyond belief that a reader I've never met can see that in On the Steamy Side. Makes me feel like I'm doing something right!

How about you--do you see overarching themes in your own writing? Or in the series by your favorite authors?


Themes escape me until the book is written. And sometimes, even then.

I'm with Kristen. Sometimes I even think I know what the theme is while I'm writing the book, only to figure it out on the third or fourth rewrite! And it always surprises me :)

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