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Friday, February 6, 2009


We've all heard of the Snuggie by now, right?
The weird, cowl-necked blanketdress that looks like it should come with complimentary packets of grape Kool-Aid? Yes.

This is not, however, a rant about the insanity of a product that combines sweater and throw--this is a rant about how Snuggie's ridiculously profitable gene-splicing experiment has spawned a new bizarre and unnatural product: The Smitten.

My cousin-in-law Allen first drew my attention to this unholy mess by threatening to give it to me next Christmas. Although we later decided it was more of a Valentine's Day present. For someone you wanted to keep veeery close. It's the kidnapper's dream! They're like sneaky, socially acceptable handcuffs! With fleece!

And you just know people are going to eat them up like crack-filled bonbons. Because even though the economy is in the toilet and the job market has tanked, we NEVER run out of money to flush down the drain on novelty items.


I still want a snuggie, but with feet. Actually, I think I just need adult size footie pajamas, which I know they make.

The Smitten. That's funny stuff. But ideal if you're a Siamese twin joined at the hand.

The smitten is so funny. What is not funny is the fact that I so want a Snuggie. I am cold all the time. I told the Dh he has to get me one. Just like the infomercial says it's DARN annoying having to take your hands out from under the covers to turn the channel! LOL. Think of the typing possibilities for me too. Hmmm.

Footie pajamas RULE.

Those snuggie commercials make me claustrophobic. And I am not a hand holder. So all I have to say about the smitten is Ay Caramba!

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