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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Done with the revisions! Well, round one, anyway. Let's hope this new version doesn't spawn a second round, hmm? I still need to read through the manuscript and make sure all the new bits make sense with the old bits, but I'm actually looking forward to that.

I also need to come up with a list of possible series titles to send my editor. Apparently my cover is not going to be 'foodie', even though the hook of the series is essentially that all the heroes (and maybe a heroine here and there) will be chefs. It turns out to be hard to incorporate food/kitchen items into the cover design without making the book look cutesy. So they're going for a 'big book' look and a seal or something that states the book is part of a series, and the series title needs to indicate the culinary connection. I've got a list going, things like 'A Chefs in Manhattan Novel' and 'A Food of Love Novel', but I could use your collective brainpower. Any ideas?


Yay, Louisa! What a great feeling to be done with those revisions! I really like the "chefs in Manhattan" tagline. It says a lot in just a few words.

I still don't see what's wrong with Love On A Stick.

It was on the list I sent to Deidre. We'll let her be the deciding vote.

How about "Taste of Love"? Is that too "Reality show"? -from Sara Z

I also like the Chefs of Manhattan
but don't ask me for ideas, my mind tends to wander Under the Grill or Behind the Kitchen...

Good luck!

If it's not too late to add one to the list, how's "Cooking with Heat"?

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