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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Boys Wearing Eyeliner

I credited Jensen Ackles with my recent upswing of interest in boys wearing eyeliner, but that's not 100% accurate. The actual genesis was Lee Pace in The Fall, a seriously strange, visually stunning, utterly charming movie by Tarsem Singh. The movie also stars quite possibly the cutest, most real child actress I've ever seen, but that's another post. This one is all about Lee Pace.

Lee first came to my attention playing the brother of the main character in one of the Great Shows that No One Watches, Wonderfalls. He was an atheist studying for his PhD in Religion, and he totally cracked me up. And also kind of gave me the hots. Since then, he went on to star in another Great Show No One Watched, Pushing Daisies, and had a couple of movie roles. Including The Fall, where he plays an injured stuntman who bribes a little girl into getting him extra pain pills by weaving a fantastical story. The pictures below are of his story-within-a-story persona, The Blue Bandit.

I know, hot, right? He's the one who got me thinking, remembering all the times I've seen a guy in makeup, for whatever reason, and gone "Mmmmm." More to come later this week...


I've never seen him in anything but Pushing Daisies. Wow. It's like finding out that cute nerdy guy in your math class drives a Harley to school and spent time in juvie.

Nope, sorry, the only boy/man I want to see wearing eyeliner is Johnny Depp. The rest are just wannabes next to him. Johnny wears it best.

I dated a musician once who wore eyeliner for gigs....sigh.

There's just something attractive about a man who can wear eyeliner and still be in control of their's the rocker in me. :)

I agree with Jax. But I wonder if I'd love it in real life. I think I would.

I know, right? The eyeliner ups the sexy by a factor of a million. Someone should do a study.

I really like him in Pushing Daisies, although I have to admit, I haven't watched an episode in weeks. Been too damn busy! But they're on my trusty DVR so when I get a few hours...

Lee Pace is my boyfriend. By which I mean I like to pretend that he is my boyfriend.


Boys in eyeliner takes me back to the gloriously sensational decade of the 80's...John Taylor and Simon LeBon from Duran Duran seem the easiest, and hottest, to recall. I am somewhat glad the trend is making a comeback, though I must insist that the person wearing the most eyeliner is moi. Is that too "Texas"-y of a demand? I reckon it's something along the lines of working out. Guys like a girl who works out (theoretically speaking of course), but not one who can lift more weight than he can. There must be some balance, right?

Eyeliner is not appropriate for all men in all situations, certainly. But on actors and musicians? It's a tradition!

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