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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Name That Eyeliner-Wearing Hottie

If you can name the following ten hot eyeliner-sporting actors and musicians, you will win a prize! Maybe a cookie. Or my undying admiration. I don't know yet, but something good.

4 & 5)


Um...I feel very out of the loop now. I know a few, recognize a few more and then some...just crickets.

I didn't want to make it too easy, putting Prince and Little Richard on there, or something. Plus, not hot.

Oh man I don't know them all bit I'll go for who I know. 1. Guy from Lost 2. don't know. 3. I should know him and it's bugging me. 4.Jonathan Rhys Meyer 5. Ewan Mc Gregor 6. I should know him too. ugh. 7. Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance 8. Jack Sparrow 9. another band cutie 10. David Bowie. Fun Game.

Kwana's score: 4.5
I only gave you half a point for "guy from Lost". He has a name!

1) Dominic Monaghan
2)Kurt Cobain
3) Viggo Mortensen
4) Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Ewan MacGregor
5) Hayden Christensen
6) Billie Joe Armstrong
7)Johnny Depp
8) Jared Leto, the hot years
9) David Bowie in pretty much the best Henson movie ever, Labyrinth

Oooo... I was late. I got them all except #6. Recognized him, but didn't know who he was. But since I was late you'll just have to trust me on my score ;-)

I can see you are really having an obsession for guys in eyeliner...I bet it makes it in one of your books! Have a Merry Christmas! :)

Jax, I bet you're right!
And Maureen, you know I trust you. Billie Joe was my ultimate tricky one. It's a sneaky pic because he doesn't have the blue streaks.

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