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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What I'm Thankful For: Part 2

I'm a big believer in mindless entertainment. There's very little more soothing to the savaged psyche than dumb television. Which is probably why, after a week spent with the in-laws, I came home yesterday and gorged on DVRed episodes of General Hospital.

I've been watching GH off and on since high school, and until recently, was in a looong off phase. It had been years. I'm not even sure what prompted me to go back to it, other than the fact that I'm clearly an addict and can't help myself. But I'm not sorry I did--the show is pretty good at the moment! Sure, there are new characters I want to kill and old characters who are still thrashing out the same, tired plotlines they were when I last watched, but that's soap opera. And there are some surprises, too. Maxie Jones finally came into her own as a fun, funny vixen--even better, they seem to be pairing her with the much-discussed character of Spinelli, quintessential underdog geek extraordinaire, who is actually entertaining and affecting; a new character, Olivia Falconari, has tons of potential and sparks equally in flirty/confrontational scenes with men as she does in friendship scenes with women; Emily Quartermaine, possibly the most annoying character of recent years, is dead! Not that she's liable to stay that way, but it's a nice break for the moment.

Anyone else watch GH, or have other shameful television addictions to confess? I, for one, was thankful to turn off my brain yesterday and rot it with Sonny and Jason.


Oh, I have many shameful tv addictions. Some of them reality based, some food based, some purely for the joy of seeing a nice looking man in a suit.

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Just saying.

He! I watched GH back in the days when Luke "raped" Laura and they had to run away from the mob (you were probably still in diapers then Louisa). I have to admit I'm an AMC fan. Although I haven't seen it in years. Might have to start watching again though!

I watched AMC for a while and really enjoyed it, but if I have to choose one soap (and I kinda do, time-wise) it will always be GH for me!

I used to love GH but now I'm sick of the stupid drug dealer storyline that's been going on for YEARS. I just want Jason and Elizabeth to get together for REAL. I stopped watching because the writers were so predictable, often far-fetched. I know if I tune back on I won't have missed a beat.

I can't get excited about Jason and Liz, I don't know why. I think it's because she's so often whiny and judgmental. I actually really loved Jason with Sam, but I think I have an unreasoning affection for the actress, Kelly Monaco, because of her stint on the vampire soap, Port Charles.

I completely agree with you about Spinelli and Maxie. I am crazy about that pairing.

Like you, I came back after a long time (years) and Spinelli just completely caught my interest. He has had a long hard road and I'm really rooting for him and Maxie to get together.

Watched GH today as a matter of fact -- Love Jason and Elizabeth!! Lots of good storylines going on, though I had to catch up on Wikipedia.

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