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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Giveaway: A GIRL LIKE YOU

The dog days of summer are officially here! Are you looking for a fun, romantic read to keep you cool and smiling through the heat? If so, I've got just the thing! My good friend, Maria Geraci, has a new book out that RT Book Reviews called "a great, easy breezy summer read that will keep you captivated until the end." And I'm going to give you a shot at your very own autographed copy! See below for details.

From the author of the The Boyfriend of the Month Club, A Girl Like You promises humor, entertainment, sympathetic characters and a heartwarming romance.

What if you found out you were the ugly friend?
Emma Frazier is smart, hardworking, and loves her job as a journalist for a Florida lifestyle magazine. Emma knows she’s no great beauty, but she’s pretty certain she has a shot with her handsome new boss, Ben Gallagher—until Emma overhears a mutual acquaintance refer to her as the “ugly friend.” In an effort to reclaim her battered self-esteem, Emma decides to impress Ben at work by promising an exclusive interview with NASCAR legend, Trip Monroe.

Emma and Trip went to high school together and although it’s been fourteen years since they’ve spoken, Emma is certain she can score an interview with the elusive super star. But connecting with Trip turns out to be harder than Emma imagined. Her quest for the interview leads her back to her tiny hometown of Catfish Cove, where old secrets and a new romantic interest shake up Emma’s views on life and teach her that maybe the key to finding true love is as simple as accepting yourself for the person you were always meant to be.
Still want more? Here's an excerpt! Now I know you want to enter the giveaway...

So answer me this: Which would you rather be--beautiful, smart, or lucky? ; )

So here's what's going to happen. Pay attention, this is how you win!
1. Answer the question posted on my Facebook wall. Just put your comment right under my post on my fan page here. OR if you don't have an FB account, answer the question on this blog, in the comments below.
2. If you haven't already, you can feel free to "Like" my Facebook Fan Page, but it's not a requirement to enter the contest! I'd also love it if you followed me on Twitter @LouisaEdwards. Because then we can chat!
3. Check back tomorrow morning on my Facebook Fan Page to see if you’ve won–I’ll post the winner’s name here on the blog, too, so make sure to come back and look for it. You’ve got one week to claim your prize, or I’ll have to give it to someone else. So be sure to check back!
4. This contest is open to international residents, but the prize for an int'l winner will be an unsigned copy of the book. 


Id rather be lucky cause sometimes a little luck goes a long way.. lets face it no more matter how smart or beautiful you are if luck isnt on your side you cant win.

I'd choose being lucky, it's all about being in the right place at the right time and only luck will get you there.

I was torn between lucky and smart, but really can't fail with either choice. I'll go with smart.

I'm thinking SUPER smart cause maybe then you can outsmart luck and beauty never lasts.

If I had to pick just one, I'd go with lucky.

I've been lucky. And smart. So in my next life, I'll choose beautiful. :)

Thank you to everyone who entered! I put all the names in a hat, and drew Ann Tracy, who entered on my FB page. Congrats to Ann, and don't worry--I'll be doing another giveaway soon. : )

Lucky. Everyone needs a little luck.

I will select smart. because if you don't have luck or not beautiful... you can always find a way to make the most of what you were blessed with! :)

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