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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Starting Over

Now that I've turned in the draft of Hot Under Pressure to my editor, all I technically have to do is sit around and wait for revisions. But instead, I've got this IDEA. A really fun, fresh, sexy idea keeps flashing snippets of dialogue and interactions between some truly fascinating people through my brain. So I'm not sitting around anymore...I'm writing the next trilogy!

Starting a new trilogy is always exhilarating--equal parts exciting and terrifying. But the best part, hands down, is discovering and getting to know a whole new crop of characters. One of the first things I like to do is to find inspiration for the physical features of each characters--and, predictably, I always start with the heroes. 

For the new trilogy, the current incarnations of my heroes (which could all change in the writing, as I find out more and more about them, so don't take this as a promise or a spoiler) include:

A wounded FDNY fire fighter, Irish-American, black hair and blue eyes. Rough around the edges, but decent and honorable to his bones. Not a "bad boy" type.

A total bad boy! Basically the Indiana Jones of investigative journalism, with blond hair, green eyes, and a killer smile.

An ex-NYC chef, bitter and sarcastic, with a core of hidden vulnerability and decency. He'll also be my first almost-ginger hero! I'm thinking reddish-brown hair, gray eyes, and enough of a scruff to almost constitute a real beard.

Those are my current visions of the heroes to come! If you have suggestions for other hotties with the right stuff, I'm happy to hear them, though. Inspire me!

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