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Monday, May 7, 2012

Join me and the darling, talented, funny, wonderful Roxanne St. Claire tonight at the Forever Romance Book Club Chat! We'll be online from 8:00 EST to 9:00 EST, chatting up a storm and talking about motherhood, friendships, and second chances. And we'll be giving away lots of signed books as prizes! If you haven't read BAREFOOT IN THE SAND yet, a) you should, you'll love it. And b) it's okay, because we'll be talking about HOT UNDER PRESSURE too!

If you want to see how Rocki persuaded me to host the chat, check out this real, accurate transcript from our conversation.

Hope to see all of you on the Forever Romance Facebook page at 8:00 tonight! Just click the link, kick off your shoes, and dive into the fun...


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