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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snippet Saturday: Family

So I'm hopping into a group of authors who post free, short snippets from their of my books on Saturdays, all of us snippeting on a common theme. This Saturday's theme is "family"--so of course I have to highlight the Lundens!

Some Like it Hot by Louisa Edwards
Copyright December 2011, Louisa Edwards
All Rights Reserved, St. Martin's Press

Danny had to push hard to get his dish finished, but once he'd gotten his brainwave, it was all downhill work from there.

He'd watched Theo haul his daughter out to the metaphorical woodshed, clearly pissed as hell, and when they came back in, Eva had that look. The too-perfect, put together face that hid everything vibrant and real about her behind a fa├žade of serene professionalism.

It was Eva’s game face.

Danny felt an unwilling tug of sympathy. He knew, from personal experience, nobody could tear into you, make you bleed and cry, like family. And he had what he considered a really good relationship with his parents.

From what he could tell, Eva would say the same. She obviously loved her father. As much as he held her position in the family company over her head or hurt her feelings or fucked around with a lot of women, she adored him. And it made sense. Theo was all she’d had, ever since she was little.

It made Danny remember the story she'd told him, about her dad cooking French pancakes for her when she was a kid. The memory had been a happy one, he knew, a moment in time when she and her father had been in perfect harmony, the sweet and bitter of life balanced and blended, rolled up in a crisp-tender, golden crepe and dusted with confectioner's sugar.

French pancakes, he thought, a grin tugging at his mouth. He loved that she still called them that, even after a lifetime of five-star French meals and trips to Paris.

And then, as if Eva had waltzed over and whispered it in his ear, Danny knew exactly what he was going to make. 

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