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Monday, December 5, 2011

Making the Rounds

There's a lovely review of Some Like it Hot up at Heart to Heart, the fabulous romance blog at Barnes & Noble's website! Among other nice things, the reviewer calls the book "a unique, witty, and romantic read" and she gives it the thumbs up for detail on the realty television side, from her own background as a producer! Very cool. Read the review here.

And I also wanted to mention that I'm leading a class through RWA University this week called Everything I Need to Know About Being an Author, I Learned as an Editor. The title kind of speaks for itself, but here's the blurb: 

In this five-day course, multi-published contemporary romance author Louisa Edwards will share the lessons she learned when she made the transition from junior editor at Berkley Publishing Group to full-time writer. Discussions will address market trends, finding your voice, craft tips, the query/submission process, an insider’s look at what happens to your manuscript after you submit it, and a final Q&A.

The class will be discussions led by me followed up with questions from the people subscribed to the course--and I promise to answer as truthfully as possible! It's completely free to all RWA members, easily accessible through the myRWA portal on the main RWA site. Should be a fun week! I hope to see some of you there... 


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