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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The New Hotness!

I've got fun news today--I'm unveiling the gorgeous, bitable, likable, delicious cover of the third book in the Rising Star Chef trilogy! Meet Beck, the hottest thing any kitchen has ever seen:

I know, right?! I could just squeeze him. This might actually be my favorite cover yet...but what do your think?


Oh that's sexy! I like all of the covers, although I did raise a bit of a fuss over the unsafeness of cooking shirtless :P

Just wow! You got lucky with this series too.

LOL fairypenguin! I know, he's in danger of getting spattered with hot oil. And then you'd have to rub him down with lotion or something...hmm.... ; )

I agree! LOVE that cover. You have definitely been blessed by the Cover Gods. :)


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