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Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Cooking

This Huffington Post article on ham made me wonder what most people eat for Easter dinner. In my family, we usually jump all over the chance to have lamb. But I'm open to new ideas! What do you like to serve as your main dish?


Ham is one of those foods I seem to have no "full" feeling for. I could just eat it and eat it and eat it...

That said, Easter dinner isn't at our house this year, so no clue what we're having.

I hope it's ham.

We do a ham for Thanksgiving, Chrismas and Easter. We love it and just can't seem to agree on anything are having Easter this year at my sister's in laws and she's doing a ham too....

I love ham! I missed it this year in Afghanistan (as it turns out, there's not much Easter OR ham in Afghanistan!).

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