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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pickle This

My husband got me the best gift this year--a two-day class at the French Culinary Institute in NYC! All our plans are in place, we have hotel reservations and dinner with friends and theater tickets...and we get a call yesterday that the class is cancelled. BOO.

But do we cancel our trip? Hell to the no! We soldier on. And find a new class to take! Slightly smaller, more intimate and hands on--and all about pickles.

That's right, pickles. They're not just those limp, yellow-died spears of ex-cucumber anymore! You can pickle just about any vegetable, and some fruits too, with very interesting, delicious effects. I've been curious about the process for a while, and now I'm going to unlock its mysteries with Bob McClure's class! Can't wait. I'll definitely report back on what I learn, and maybe share a recipe or two.

What's the cooking technique you're most interested in mastering?


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