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Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Coming

With January and February over, we're finally moving out of the months designated as Hollywood's landfill, where they dump all the movies they can't believe they ever spent money on--but that they DID spend too much money on just to can. Rule of thumb: if a movie is released in the first two months of the year, you don't want to see it. Spend your ticket money on a good book!

Okay, I'd be happy if everyone did that all the time, anyway, but also I'd be a hypocrite, because I love going to the movies. *Almost* as much as I love to read. And we're getting closer and closer to the great movie months of the year--spring, before the big brainless blockbusters of summer (which, let's be honest, are sometimes awesome, too.)

And this spring, the movie I'm most looking forward to, hands down, is The Adjustment Bureau. Ever since I first saw the preview...and now, after the great review in the Washington Post? I'm even more excited than before! Apparently, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt have sizzling chemistry together. I think you can see it even in this short trailer:

What movies are you looking forward to?


I'd kinda like to see Sucker Punch.

I was fortunate enough to win advance tickets to The Adjustment Bureau. Although Matt Damon is great, this movie truly lost it. It built up your expectations and then completely lost the "thrill" part very shortly after the beginning. Most of us in the theater were disappointed. Maybe you should save your money this time and buy that new book? :>) I really was looking forward to this one, too. Sorry to be a downer!

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