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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


One of the coolest things that ever happened to me was when I worked at Berkley Editorial, at Penguin USA. I loooove coming up with the titles for books (other people's books, not mine--that's way harder!) and I must have been decent at it, because other editors would come to me all the time for help brainstorming titles. Too many to name or remember now, but one will always stick out for me, because the author was the fabulous, talented, smart, NYT bestseller Jayne Ann Krentz.

And she loved the title I came up with so much, she actually dedicated the ME.

That's right! Take a look at the first few pages of Falling Awake (cool, right? ; ) and you'll see my name, and Jayne's kind, wonderful, never-to-be-forgotten words:

To Louisa Edwards, with thanks for the title. Yep, you were definitely cut out for a career in publishing!

Music to my young editorial assistant ears. Of course, life swerved a bit and my career in publishing hopped the editorial tracks and is heading down a slightly different path, but hopefully the sentiment will hold if I'm a writer instead!

Today, I get to write the dedication for my fourth published novel, Too Hot to Touch, and I'm a little stumped...I've already dedicated books to the obvious suspects: my husband, my parents, and my sister. This time, I get to branch out, which is fun, but poses its own problems.

So help me out! If you wrote a book, who'd get your dedication page?


You can always dedicate one to the readers (there's a hint for you). Or the teacher that inspired you to love language.

Or... a dedication to your forst kiss. To the chef that inspired your love of food.

To Julia. To Julie.

(I need to stop before you block me forever...)

Besides to my family members, none of whom get the book love, I would dedicate it to my BFFs and my fellow book lovers who do get it.


I kid, I kid. ;-)

Dedications are the hardest. There's always too many people you want to mention but if you leave someone out, you feel bad. So you just have to sell many many more books so you will have opportunities to include everyone...even me! LOL :P

The best dedication I ever read was from an indie author who dedicated it to "that guy" who offered her a random act of kindness on a really bad day. Apparently his actions inspired her to continue with the plot of her book. Sometimes the random ones are the best kind. Good luck to you!

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