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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Official News (and a giveaway!)

We're moving to Austin! I've hinted at it, said it on Twitter and Facebook, but now I know for sure it's happening. The movers are coming on August 19th, and we are out of here! There's a lot we'll miss about Ohio, for sure, but we're so excited to settle into our new home in the Live Music (and Romance and Barbecue and Whole Foods) Capital of the World!

I especially can't wait to join the Austin RWA chapter. This will be my first ever experience with belonging to a brick-and-mortar chapter, interacting face to face with other members at meetings and stuff, and I'm thrilled. Online chapters like RWAOL and PASIC are great places to meet authors from all over the world--but for someone moving to a brand new city? I'm very much looking forward to making some connections in my new hometown. Austin RWA looks like a vibrant, active chapter with a good mix of pre-published writers and some of my favorite authors, like Sherry Thomas and Julia London. How cool is that? I'll have to be careful not to fangirl all over them at my first meeting. We'll see how it goes.

To celebrate my move (and to aid in the ongoing Operation: Office Excavation) I'm giving away an adorable red leather purse full of books!  Ten, to be exact.

Books in the giveaway include:

ON THE STEAMY SIDE by Louisa Edwards (signed by me!)
LOUP GAROU by Mandy M. Roth (signed by author)
BLOODY GOOD by Georgia Evans (signed by author)
RED FIRE by Deidre Knight
HUNT HER DOWN by Roxanne St. Claire
MOON CALLED by Patricia Briggs
THE HEARTBREAKER by Carly Phillips
BED OF ROSES by Nora Roberts

To enter, simply comment on this post with the title and release date of my next book! (Hint: it's the one with the chocolate-dipped strawberries on the cover. ; ) I know, tricky question, right?) The contest will run through Tuesday, August 17th; I'll randomly select the winner and mail the prize out on Wednesday.**

Good luck! This cute bag has some great stuff in it; you'll be able to finish Summer Beach Read season in style...

**For legal reasons, this contest is open to U.S. residents and U.S. military only, due to the variation in regulations from country to country.**


I can hardly wait until August 31 for Just One Taste. And I'm not just saying that because I want to win your contest (even though I would love to win!)but because I had a blast reading both Can't Stand the Heat and On the Steamy Side.

Me as well, I'm really looking foward to it. I loved Can't Stand the Heat.

seattlesnoops at

I'm going to think positive! hehe

Lookign forward to Just One Taste - since it releases Aug 31st, that give me a chance to read my copy of On The Steamy Side you signed in Orlando :)

Congrats on Just One Taste releasing on 8/31 and on the move to Austin. I always seem to move at crazy times of the year so it's always a mess. Good luck!

OK I just downloaded your first two books on my Kindle. I bet I can read both before August 31, just in time to download Just One Taste. Actually, I will pre-order it and it will auto download.

PS welcome to Texas!

I certainly hope to be reading Just One Taste on August 31st, it's the day after my daughter's birthday. I just celebrated my own this week. I loved Can't Stand The Heat but I haven't had a chance to read On The Steamy Side yet. I'm looking forward to digging into that one too. I hope you have an uneventful move and make tons of new friends in Texas. I'm in Missouri so I'm not too far away. And in shades of Willie Nelson, one of my exes lives in Texas.

seriousreader at live dot com

I actually tried to figure out how to pre-order that book on my Nook...but failed :) I'll be downloading Just One Taste on 8/31 like everyone else :D

Just One Taste, 8/31/10.
awesome giveaway!! :-) thank you!

Can't wait for August 31 to read Just One Taste!!

Maybe this calls for another hot chef email?

Just One Taste, August 31,2010. Hope the move goes smoothly.

I love this giveaway! I don't have money in my budget for my book addiction, so I badgered my local library until they purchased your last title. It would be awesome to own some signed copies! The red purse is cute too!

Congrats on Just One Taste releasing on 8/31 and on the move to Austin!

Just One Taste - Aug 31 - Great cover.

Good luck with the move!

bacchus76 at myself dot com

WOW! Austin. Great place. You'll love it.

I am looking forward to JUST ONE TASTE coming out on August 31, 2010.

ANd I SOOOOOOO want to win that purse! :)

Yanno, BOD is meeting in Austin in March 2011. Drinks and dinner?

Cant wait for my new Kindle and the ability to dl Just One Taste on 8/31! :)

sithereandread AT gmail DOT com

Fabulous prize, and a great way to celebrate the release of Just One taste on August 31!


I CAN'T WAIT until Just One Taste releases on 8/31/10! I absolutely LOVE books (& a good steamy one at that)! I love the fact that you're so down to earth & love your giveaways! Helps the pocketbook when you have four boys to buy for! Thanks!!!

Just One Taste on August 31...the day after my birthday!!!

What an awesome present this would make. Just sayin' ;)

Ooooh! I want to win. Can't wait to read Just One Taste

Oooohhh! I have been waiting for Just One Taste; August 31, 2010 cannot get here soon enough (glares at calendar and taps fingers).

Sending wishes for a smooth and problem-free move :)

bookaddictpatti at cox dot net

ohh a new author!!!! I just saw you on twitter and had to come check you out. I love the cover of your books and am going to have to check them out.

The new book is Just One Taste and it comes out at the end of the month.

Good luck with the move! I cannot wait to read Just One Taste!!

Wow, I imagine you're in for some big changes from here in Ohio to Austin! I'm excited for you and hope you absolutely love it!

Looking forward to JUST ONE TASTE -I've preordered!!

"Just One Taste" coming 8/31/10!!!

Hi, Louisa! Congratulations on turning the page to the next chapter in your life : ) Austin sounds fabulous! Think of all the new food experiences and inspirations that await! Great for the writer and the reader : ) Bonne chance!

I would love to win this fantastic giveaway that you have so kindly offered.

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Good luck on your move! We've done it several times and it gets old quick-lol! I Love the quote on your page by M.F.K. Fisher-so true! Your release date of Aug. 31st is coming up soon-congrats!

I am looking forward to August 31st so I can get a copy of Just One Taste! I'm a newer reader to your series and am excited to have another fabulous series to read! :)

Congrats on moving to Austin. How exciting to move to a new city and have Just One Taste release on Aug. 31. Good luck with everything!!

Looking forward to starting the fall the release of Just One Taste on August 31st.

You will like Texas, big change from Ohio though. I am a former buckeye myself now living in the pacific northwest.

I'm looking forward to Just One Taste, coming out August 31st, but I'm betting you're looking forward to the move even more! Thanks for this chance to win, and best of luck. :)

Just One Taste on August 31 is top on my countdown list! I can't wait for it!

On August 31 I'll have to add Just One Taste to my collection.

Now a puirse I don't need but the wife could use.

"Just One Taste" release date is August 31, 2010. Thank you for having such a great contest! =)

It's sad to hear about anyone leaving Perkins but hope you have a safe move.


(And the red purse is too!)

August 31: Just One Taste.

Can wait to see how Wes fairs. LOVE, LOVE the purse.

Good luck on the move.

Just One Taste will be available on 8/31. Congratulations and good luck with the move!


Good luck with your move. Hope it is not too stressful. I'm looking forward to reading Just one Taste on August 31.

Can't wait for Just One Taste on August 31st. And my friends in the Austin RWA chapter will be thrilled beyond belief that you're going to join them. Nearly as thrilled as I'll be if I win those books, that purse, those books, that purse!

Never read your books before, but Just One Taste seems like a good start. 8/31/10, you say? I will mark my calendar. ;)

I'm an Ohian too, enjoy Austin! That's a big move. :-)

Just One Taste, 8/31/10.

The cover reminds me of Shari's Berries. :-)

Just One Taste is out on 8/31.

Good luck with the move. Ah to no longer have to deal with Midwest winters...

Just One Taste is out on August 31st...I already have it pre-ordered!!

Good luck with the move. Austin is awesome. My BIL lives there and we visit whenever we can:)

Just One Taste on Aug 31. Congrats on the new release and what a GREAT looking prize!!

Good luck with the move! I just moved to a new area a couple months ago and joined the GCC chapter. There's definitely something to be said for belonging to a fantastic physical chapter :) Your new book is Just One Taste and comes out August 31!

Yay! Congrats on the move and on Just One Taste (8/31) coming out.

Would love a copy of Just One Taste on Augues 31. Have read the other two and loved them

August 31 release of just one taste is one vie been watching for! Thanks for the amazing chance.

I'd love to have Just One Taste on August 31 if I may please. *grins*

Good luck and moving. Can't believe you don't think it has been hot enough elsewhere. You're about to learn what an outdoor sauna feels like. *hint--NOT FUN*


Just One Taste will be out Aug. 31st. Great giveaway! Congrats on your move since you seem so excited about it. Being close to family is great, especially after you've been gone for awhile.

Have fun packing. ;) And good luck!

What a great contest! Looking forward to the new book (Just One Taste) releasing on August 31st.

I lived in Wooster, OH, for two years so I'm very familiar with small Ohio towns. Good luck with the move!

Answer: Just One Taste releases on Aug. 31st

Awesome giveaway! Thank you :)

chelleyreads AT gmail DOT com

release date is aug 31

Well I guess you won't miss the snow so much, but uhhh..
will you like the hot, hot heat of Texas?
weatherwise that is.

I'm in Oregon and drats we'll be in the 90s+ for the next week.
I guess since having had mid 80s temps, Mother Nature has said, here's one on you...hahahaha.

Can I say I hate packing, and I don't envy you, that being said.
I hope its a well oiled, smooth move



By Aug. 31st, I'll be in need of Just One Taste, more than you know. School starts back soon, and me to work. School food=not so great, but at least I can read about good food, fun, and fab hot guys!!!

Good luck with the move.

"Just One Taste" and it comes out August 31 of this year! New book to look forward too.

This is an entry for Deanna Massengale (@MamaDeeinTN) from Twitter, since her computer is broken!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Congrats Louisa,
the move sounds exciting! Moving almost anywhere out of the Ohio Valley would be exciting I think. But I don't envy you the move, all the packing & unpacking, yuck!
Congrats on the upcoming release of 'Just One Taste', that is very exciting news!
Good luck with the move!

Can't wait for Just One Taste! Having married in to and grown up around the restaurant business, it is really fun to know exactly what they are talking about in a book. And laugh out loud, too. 'On the Steamy Side' & 'Can't Stand the Heat' are now big favorites in my library!

Oh wow.. Thank you so much for giving us all a chance to help you unclutter. The only way that group could be better is if it had a copy of "Just One Taste" in it, but I guess we'll all just have to wait until it's out on 8/31.
Hope the move goes very smooth, and your settled in time to enjoy your release date. Sounds like it will give you the best of both worlds w/ having and active RWA chapter there & the online contacts to boot..


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Just One Taste 8/31/10

I would love to win this purse and all it's goodies

August 31, 2010 Just One Taste releases. Have a safe the easy move. The weather sure will be different in Austin instead of Ohio. Winning this fantastic giveaway would be awesome.


O_O You're leaving in three days!!! Gah! Well, Austin is a great city, as you well know.
Sad you're leaving!

Also - no need to enter me in the contest, the bag is cute, but I can't have any more print books!

Cant wait to read JUST ONE TASTE! released 8/31/10......
fingers toes and eyes crossed!
Kerrianne xx

Congrats on Just One Taste coming out on 8/31. I hope you have a safe trip to Austin!


Just One Taste looks "yummy."

The books awesome and that is a rocking purse

Just one
Taste 8/31

Looking forward to it...would be great to win, but you are an automatic buy from me!

It seems cruel that I have to wait until August 31st to read Just One Taste. Although...the kids will be be back in school. Which should give me more reading time!

Best of luck with your move!

Just One Taste comes out August 31st and I can't wait! Not only because I will be buying the book but because its my 25th birthday!!! Good Luck with the move!

Just One Taste releases August 31. I can't wait.

What a yummy sounding title! Just One Taste has me licking my chops in anticipation. What a great end of summer read since it comes out August 31st. Can't wait!

So many good books are coming out on August 31, but I know Just One Taste is going to be one of the best. I loved Can't Stand the Heat and On the Steamy Side, and I've been impatiently waiting for JOT ever since I finished OtSS.

Oh, and be careful during your move and enjoy your new home :)


Congrats on the move to Austin & thanks for the cool giveaway. I'm looking forward to your new book, Just One Taste, which will be released on August 31, 2010.

Are you kidding? I didn't need the chocolate-dipped strawberry hint or the sidebar directions to be able to tell you JUST ONE TASTE will be out Aug 31. I've been waiting all summer for more Jess/Frankie!

I have a pair of shoes that would look great with that bag, by the way... :)

Congratulations on new opportunities and good luck with your move.

Just One Taste that comes on the 31st! Can't wait for it!!!

Just One Taste 8/31/10

And what an exciting move!

Just One Taste releases on 8/31...would love to pick up one of your books since I haven't actually ready any. I'm a little shy of contemporary romance...but willing to take another shot. :D

Welcome to Austin! Be sure to bring allergy medicine :)

August 31, 2010 Just One Taste

Welcome back to Austin!

Just One Taste for August 31st release! And, now I am craving chocolate dipped strawberries!
Congrats on your move!

Hey, did anyone here that Just One Taste comes out August 31???


I'd love a chance to win. I lived in texas for six months. Came home :) Climate change will be drastic for you. Ironically, we left San Antonio just before they had freezing temps, possible record setting if I remember right LOL

Austin is supposed to be wonderful, so good luck on that :)

I want to win. I love books.

So, August 31, shortly after my birthday, comes Just One Taste. By the way, I'm craving strawberries and chocolate now too. Coincidence? I think not!

OMG! August 31st, Just One Taste. What a GREAT price package...and you know how we all love a nice package.

I visited Austin once and it was my favorite place in all of Texas to be. It's so green down there when every where else I went seemed to be a bit drier and browner.
Enjoy your last days in Ohio.

Ah I love Lisa Edwards! I can't wait for Just One Taste to come out! August 31st come already!!!

I hope to have Just One Taste on August 31, 2010!

Next book is Just One Taste on August 31! (If someone who is the 89th poster had gotten that wrong it would be just sad.) I want to go get supplies to make chocolate covered strawberries now! :)

this is a great giveaway - awesome books and a super cute bag!!!

I can't wait for Just One Taste on 8/31. I loved your first two books.

Just One Taste, 8/31/10.
Looking forward to the release & Thanks for the giveaway :)

8/31 - Just One Taste

which is quickly approaching

Just One Taste is coming out August 31, which is a long way for a great read, Louisa likes to give me a sample and make me wait for book. It's all in good humor though!
Agatha P. Townsend

Just One taste is what Louisa likes to tease me with when her book is due Aug.31st, it's been a long wait and still waiting, Agatha P. Townsend

Just One Taste on Aug 31!
kitkat 234 at gmail dot com

'Just One Taste' arrives 08-31-10.

Big moves are always big emotionally. I went from Arizona to Missouri, so I can feel your need to connect with others as soon as possible.

Best of luck!


I would love to read Just One Taste which will be release on Aug 31, 2010.


Your novel Just One Taste came out on August 31st.

I liked reading your other books. They were really cool.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hmm my sister just came back from Austin a month ago. She said it was really humid and hot there.I mean, REALLY REALLY HOT.

Would love to win bag of books because I would receive a signed copy of "On the Steamy Side' and love free books and love reading.

Would love to win bag of free books, because I would receive a signed copy of :On The Steamy Side' , love free books and love reading, and recognize most of authors. Agatha P. Townsend

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