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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blog Tour: The Goddess Blog

I'm very excited and honored to be a guest on Mount Olympus today! That's right, the fabulous authors of the Goddess Blog have welcomed me into their hallowed halls to talk about life, love, food, and the stress of moving.

Come comment with your craziest/funniest/worst/best moving story for a chance to win a fabulous collection of Recipe for Love gear, including my favorite new addition, a pair of adorable signature champagne flutes. I'm mid-interstate move at the moment, and I could use the empathy! (And the champagne, but it's a little early in the day for that. Even for me.)


Hi, Louisa! Congratulations on all the good things going on for you this year! My family had an unfortunate moving experience with a bunch of "removers". After I finished the fourth grade, my family moved from VA to FL. After, a year in the Sunshine State, we decided to head back to the mountains of VA. When we got home, and unpacked our boxes, we discovered that the "removers" had helped themselves to our belongings. They left the album jackets, jewelry boxes, storage boxes & etc. and took whatever they wanted from the contents. The moving company was insured, but we were only reimbursed for a small sum for the items for which we could provide receipts. It was a tough lesson in human nautre. I grew up just a little bit sooner because of that awful discovery. I was the one who first noticed it when I went to play my records. The jackets were there, but the records were gone!

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nice job! waiting for your new artical.............................................................

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