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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

I'm about ready for church, then it's home to bake the two savory vegetable tarts I promised to bring to our family dinner. I'm going with one Tender Tomato Tart and one Fresh Herb Tart (with goat cheese), both from the Deborah Madison cookbook, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. To be clear, these are my contributions for the benefit of another guest who's vegetarian--Stinger and I officially broke our Lenten fast after the Easter Vigil service last night! I'm serious, we came home from that sucker at 11:00 and raided the fridge for stuff like beef jerky and prosciutto. It was nuts--but also delicious. I'm really looking forward to that roast leg of lamb today! I can only hope they don't overcook it. Sometimes, for me, being the guest is way more stressful than being in complete control of what goes on in the kitchen. Do you ever feel that way?


I like being the guest - especially at a restaurant. lol

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you too!

Happy Easter, Louisa! I know what you mean about being more stressed by being a guest. I'm always the vegetarian guest (I'll have to look into this cookbook you mention), and I sometimes feel really guilty and horrible when people make it clear they've struggled to cook me something. I'd rather just have people over to my house where I can show them how great veggie cooking can be.

I hope your Easter was wonderful.

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