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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crowdsourcing My Shoes

I've got at least two outdoor weddings this summer, which means exactly one thing: espadrilles. And since I live in the boonies, I do most of my shopping online and now I have piles of shoe boxes filled with black patent leather strappy espadrille wedge sandals, and I need to narrow it down to just one! Yikes.

After a lot of wandering around my house in hiked-up pajama pants and fancy heels, I've got the choices down to a final three. I'm hoping you, my dedicated readers/shoe lovers, can help me make the final selection.

Here they are, two angles on each pair:

These are the least comfortable of the three, but also maybe the cutest. In the battle of style vs. substance, I usually go for style without even blinking an eye, but in this case, there are other good options, so I'm torn.

These are the most casual, and also the most comfortable. They tend to make me clomp like a Clydesdale, but would that really be noticeable on grass or gravel?

These are both a more moderate heel than the first pair, but dressier than the second pair. There's something kind of cool about their wide straps, and the way the strap extends down the sole makes me think of the classic espadrille that wrapped and tied around the ankle.


I kind of love the middle pair, with the black extending down the back like a fake heel. But if they're not dressy enough, then the top ones. Hard to decipher dressiness from the photos.

I don't love the ones with the black on the heel ... very undressy IMO. I'd go with the middle (last one you show us) very cute and as you said not too uncomfortable like the first pair! I don't believe in pain :)

I like the last 2! I think you should consider the outfit you wear, too. If it's a dress/skirt -- what's the hem length? If it's short, then the strappy 'round the ankle is so cool...but if it's a long hemline, then go with the other. JMHO

I love the last pair!

Hate the middle pair. They look orthopedic. If you wear those, I will call Clinton Kelly and have him perform an intervention.

I really like the first pair but I'm drooling over the third. Order them in my size and have them shipped here and we'll call my birthday even, m'kay?

I say the 3rd pair. Comfortable and classy. Can't lose!

Pair #3. Not pair #2, under any

I'm with Kristen. Number 2 looks too granny-ish. Number 3 is sexiest. Number 1 is nice too. I'd go with 3 :)

I love the 3rd pair. hate the 2nd!

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