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Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog Tour: Romancing the Book AND Romance Reviews Today

Since I was traveling yesterday, I didn't get the chance to post a link to the fun Q&A up at Romance Reviews Today. But I believe the contest for the giveaway is ongoing, so head on over and comment for a chance to win signed copies of both Can't Stand the Heat and On the Steamy Side!

And as for today's stop on my whirlwind blog tour, I'm over at Romancing the Book, answering some more questions and giving away a signed OtSS plus an adorable set of Recipe for Love apron and red rubber spatulas. Check it out! She made me cast the hypothetical movie version of On the Steamy Side, which was surprisingly hard. If you've got other stars you would've put in the roll, put your choices up on! I love that site.

Stinger and I are in Austin--he's here for SXSW interactive, and I'm here to visit my family. We went to Fonda San Miguel last night (I had the BEST duck enchiladas in poblano cream sauce) so we're already having a blast. : )


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