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Monday, March 22, 2010

Blog Tour: Romance Junkies

Celebrity chef smackdown! If legendary bad boy chef Gordon Ramsay had to face off against Southern homestyle cook Paula Deen, who'd win? I'm over at Romance Junkies today talking about that, and discussing whether you'd rather try an exciting new dish or stick with an old favorite. Comment for a chance to win a signed copy of On the Steamy Side, a Tastebook full of recipes, and a gorgeous market tote!


There is NOTHING in the world better than food porn! So glad you did your blog tour. I have been looking for a good foodie romance writer for so long. I'm working on my own foodie romance novel, so I'm glad to have found someone I can aspire to be. :-)

I have never blogged before so bare with me. I loved both your books of "Can't Stand The Heat" and "On the Steamy Side". But I am hoping that in a future book that Frankie and Jess get back together. They were good together and Jess brings out the best in Frankie. These two characters are fun to keep up with in both books. Can't wait for the next one to come out in September. Thank you for the books.

Rebecca - Yay, I love to hear about more foodie romances up and coming! It's such a natural pairing, it definitely deserves to be a big trend. Good luck!

Myrtle - I'm honored to be your first blog comment, and sweetie, I don't want to give anything away but read Just One Taste when it comes out on Aug 31--I promise, you'll be happy with the Frankie and Jess bits. ; ) I love them, too, you see...

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