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Monday, January 11, 2010

ARCs Are Cool!

And I got me some! Pretty, shiny On the Steamy Side ARCs, to be exact. My publicist immediately pounced them and got the lion's share, but I managed to squirrel away two or what should I do with them? *grin*


Welllllllllll - I certainly would be happy to take one off your hands. Space can be a real problem and I don't want you to be lost in clutter and unable to focus on your writing.

I've never been the recipient of an ARC and I'll admit to being green with envy of those who have been.

So, come on Louisa, SHOW ME THE ARC!!! (Pleeeeeeeeease)

Hi Louisa,

I would also be happy to take one ARC off your hands!

Congrats on squirreling two or three of them away from your publicist, LOL!

I've been wanting to read your books since I've seen it been advertised!

OOOOHHH!! ARCs are awesome and I too would only be too happy to take one off your hands ;)

They're gorgeous!

I love the cover :)

I'm interested to see how you want to get rid of the ARC's :)

I'd be happy to take one off your hands! LOL!

I'd be happy to take one off your hands! Looking forward to reading it.

Love the cover! Congrats on getting your ARC's and I'm sure everyone would love to help you get rid of those :)

Yay!! I would also be very happy to take one off your hands! I have been looking forward to this book since I finished the first one! And I promise if I get one I will spread the word around about it! Please, please, please!!!!

Wow, it looks like I should really run a contest! This is going to be fun...*evil grin*

You should definitely run a contest. After you send me one. ;o)

You could forget the contest and just send it to me. Cause you love me like that. :-)

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