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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adam Lambert

Yes, I've succumbed to the great and inevitable power that is Adam Lambert, American Idol runner-up, infant glam-rocker, and all-around media sensation. I've never watched AI, so I missed his rise to fame, and when his album came out, I have to say--I dismissed him as another emo whiner. That album cover does him no favors. BUT when I heard his cover of Mad World by Tears for Fears (on my soap opera, of all places--General Hospital is using it as the theme for an ongoing storyline about a psycho; they're nothing if not literal) I started coming around. Because it turns out Adam isn't emo, he's more like if David Bowie and Lady GaGa had a kid. Sort of wild and crazy and fabulous, but also kind of sweet. (The way I imagine David Bowie is. Yes, I've thought about it.)

And seriously? I listed to that version of Mad World on repeat all day yesterday. So clearly, he's got something.

What about you? Sporting any new obsessions?


I really loved Adam on AI last season, and frankly, he should have won. Not that Kris Allen isn't a good singer, but Adam's a superstar. I really think Simon's constant non-stop gushing over Adam turned off some voters and made people turn to the underdog. He first sang that song on the competition last year and he totally blew the audience away!

I feel really protective of Adam since watching him on American Idol last year. I LOVE him. He's so amazingly talented, and last year was the first year in a LONG TIME that I honest-to-goodness flat-out just ENJOYED watching American Idol. (Which really says something about my television watching---basically that I'll continue watching something for years even when it ceases to entertain me. Sad.)

Hotrod once thought he saw David Bowie when we were at BJ's wholesale club. It wasn't. Clearly.

Just throwing that out there.

I have never been remotely interested in American Idol, since the first season it was on and I gave it a try and the first episode was all about mocking people's auditions in the most shaming, cruel, squirm-inducing way. I can't take that! Just not my thing. But seriously? Adam Lambert and the whole Kris Allen friendship thing, all of that makes me want to watch this season. (Actually, makes me wish I'd watched last season, but it's too late for that.)

I don't watch AI either (too much stress. I hate watching people get their hearts broken)
But I love seeing people be their own wack-a-doodle selves! Let it all hang out!

If you loved that version of Mad World, check out the video of him doing it live on the show. It used to be available on iTunes. AWESOME. I've seen it many times now and still get chills.

Oh, and I rarely watch the audition shows for AI. Painful and horrible until they get down to the good people. Horrible how they make fun of people.

Adam Lambert has true talent and best of all, can work what he has when he's in front of an audience. In five years, it will be interesting to see where he is with his stardom. He’s a neat entertainer to watch.

Destiny Blaine

Adam is awesome but I can't listen to him non-stop like you can. I love his ballads so Mad World is something I can listen to all day, though. :)

You missed a great season of AI when he was on. Seriously.

Just 1: Adam Lambert. Welcome to the fabulousness that's this amazingly talented young singer. All Adam's AI performances and loads of other pre- and post- AI stuff can be found somewhere on Youtube for your edification and delight. Should keep you busy for about 6 months, it did me.

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