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Monday, December 7, 2009

Twitter Book Club: Heart Throb by Suzanne Brockmann

Are you into Twitter? I am. I find it a fun way to connect with other writers and readers, share stories and good information, make each other giggle, etc. For those of us who work at home and largely alone, Twitter is a virtual water cooler, a place to gather and gab.

And now, a place to discuss books! Some Twitter friends and I are all planning to read HEART THROB by Suzanne Brockmann, starting today, and tweet our thoughts and reactions under the hashtag #HT. Please feel free to read along and join in the fun! For most of us, it's a re-read, since HEART THROB came out in 1999. It was actually one of the first Brockmann books I ever read, and boy, did she hook me.

Here's the blurb:
Once voted the "Sexiest Man Alive," Jericho Beaumont had dominated the box office before his fall from grace. Now poised for a comeback, he wants the role of Laramie bad enough to sign an outrageous contract with top producer Kate O'Laughlin--one that gives her the authority to supervise JB's every move, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The last thing Kate wants to do is baby-sit her leading man, and Jericho Beaumont may be more than she can handle. A player in every sense of the word, he is an actor of incredible talent--and a man with a darkly haunted past. Despite her better judgment, Kate's attraction flares into explosive passion, and she is falling fast. But is she being charmed by the real Jericho or the superstar who dazzles the world?

If you want to check out an excerpt, click here.

It's been years since I last read HEART THROB, although I've read it more than once. I remember it for its multi-level daring: conventional wisdom is that readers won't buy romances with movie star heroes, and the subplot romance? Features a young interracial couple.

Brockmann has a background in film, so her movie setting is layered and textured and fascinating--but what really caught me about this book was the subplot. I would venture to say that 95% of my love of the romantic subplot, and using it to push the boundaries of mainstream romance, comes from HEART THROB.

Obviously, I can't wait to reread! I really hope some of you will hop on the Twitter Book Club train too. If it's your first time reading HEART THROB, or your seventh, you're welcome!


Can't wait!! My (battered) copy is on the shelf beside me, coffee's brewing, and I'm ready to go as soon as Bub goes for naptime :)

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