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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busy Week

Stinger and I are in New York this week, celebrating the holidays with some of our nearest and dearest, so my blogging will be sporadic. Which it would've been anyway, since I'm also under deadline and writing like a fiend every day we're here! Except yesterday, when I finished going over the page proofs for On the Steamy Side, the second of the Recipe for Love novels, which will be out in March 2010.

You guys! I *may* have teared up in the middle of the coffeeshop where I was doing the read-through. I was supposed to be looking for typos, and I found some, but mostly what I found was that I still love that story and am happy with the way it turned out, so that was a huge Christmas gift! It can be so difficult, when you're in the midst of writing the story, to really tell how it's going. Page proofs are make-or-break time, where you finally get to read over the entire thing after having had enough time off from it to almost be a fresh pair of eyes. My main reaction after reading is that I can't wait to share Lilah and Devon's story with all of you! Also, relief that I finished the proofs a day early and could get back to writing the third book. LOL

If you're still looking for holiday baking ideas, the New York Times posted this page full of reader-submitted recipes and photos. I would give anything for a fully stocked kitchen and the time to mix up a dozen batches of cookies right now!

What are you guys baking? Let me live vicariously through you as I sit at my desk in my hotel room, dreaming of creaming butter and sugar together...


That's fantastic Lisa !! That would be just terrible if you had to reread it and wish you'd done things differently. Good for you !

As for baking, I made some cranberry pistachio biscotti yesterday. The recipe called for 1/4 cup olive oil and no butter... yep olive oil! I wasn't sure about the result but I knew I had to at least try it. Well they were just delicious. Exactly like the other biscotti I've made except they're healthier. I'm sticking to that recipe from now on of course!
And there is absolutely NO OLIVE FLAVOR after baking, lol (don't taste the batter though...Eww ;-).

What a sweet story. Makes me teary too. Enjoy your time in NY.

I can't wait to read Devon's story!

I'm surprised to hear you work in a coffee shop! For some reason, I picture you wrapped up in a blanket on your couch. With fuzzy slippers, and a bowl of yummy snacks next to you.

I'm done baking. It's too hazardous to my waistline.

Since my husband has been dianosed as diabetic, my baking is very limited. I gave away my huge collection of cookie cutters and cake decorating stuff. My baking runs more along the casseroles and bread items, and I purchase baked dessert items for our holiday guests. But we have wonderful holiday meals and I wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Jusus is the reason for the season!

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