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Monday, August 24, 2009


You might think I'm excited because there's only 8 days left until Can't Stand the Heat hits bookshelves--but you'd be wrong! I'm squeeing today over Supernatural. It's almost time to find out what's going to happy to everyone's favorite demon-hunting boys, y'all! Sam and Dean Winchester are back in all their gorgeous, angsty glory on September 10th, and hot damn. The promo looks amazing. Take a peek and see if you don't shriek like a little girl! I know I did.


I tried to watch this show, but it scared me too much and I had to stop. Yes, I am a wuss, thanks for asking.

WHOOP!!! Love me some Supernatural! What a way to spend dd's 14th birthday. (We're all big fans.)

Did you notice, Black Cats book 1: hero, Dean.

Black Cats book 2: heroine, Sam.

I thought about putting them together but figured that would be a little too slash-y. ha!

Leslie, you just became my new hero. As if I weren't already excited enough about the Black Cats books! I haven't read yet, but there's SO MUCH buzz, I'm buying them today. Especially now I know Dean is hero of book 1. I can't get enough Dean. Ever.

lol...thanks Louisa!

Actually, I just stole (ahem, paid homage!) the names. Not the characters. But I do hope you like them anyway!

I am really interested in seeing Lucifer this season. And am SO glad stupid Ruby is gone...hated her guts from day one.

Did it break your heart seeing Jimmy get his life back for a brief time before turning himself back over to Castiel?

Rats! I was hoping Black Cats 1 boy would be a tough-yet-vulnerable bottomless pit of a metal head. No? Oh well. : )

Stoked for Lucifer, and good riddance to Ruby, especially the recast Ruby. I liked the blonde one okay, but the brunette was atrocious. And I have to admit to a certain relief that Castiel is back in Misha Collins' hot, hot body! Jimmy seemed nice and all, but I love me some angsty angel.

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