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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Caught Up

I'm finally caught up with two of my favorite authors' newest releases (Hot Pursuit was awesome, as expected, and A Duke of her Own made me cry with happiness for Villiers) and am ready to move on! Perhaps to someone I've never read before? I'm thinking Ann Aguirre. Her sci-fi romance gets raves all over the place. I happen to have an advance copy of Doubleblind, the third Sirantha Jax book, and I know exactly how lucky I am. Only question is, do I indulge my own neuroses and read the first two books in the Jax series first, or do I get right down to new business and dive in to Doubleblind?

What would you do? Do you think it's imperative to read a series in order, or do you expect a great series to draw you in no matter where you pick up the action?


I would read the first one first. I'm a stickler about that kind of stuff.

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