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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mea Culpa

I'm finally emerging from the Deadline Cave, blinking and squinting my way back into the light, and while there is much rejoicing, there is also SHAME. Because in addition to the many and myriad things that haven't happened around my house in a while (laundry, cooking beyond thawing frozen pizza, walking the dogs, sweeping, etc) I also never managed to send out the copies of RED KISS by Deidre Knight that I ran a contest for lo these many moons ago.

But I'm about to fix that! So please, if you or someone you know was a winner in this contest, give them a heads up. I need them to resend their snail mail addresses to my email (louisa . white @ gmail . com) because of course I lost the emails from the first go round, and I'll mail the books out RIGHT AWAY. I swear.

Don't give up hope, y'all! If writing this last book, ON THE STEAMY SIDE, taught me anything, it's that you must persevere!


I'm so proud of you for getting your book done! YAY!

YAY! Just got your VM - couldn't pick up because I am on a 10 AM conference call - I am SO PROUD of you!!!

Congrats on wrapping up your book! (I'm about to delve into neglected housework myself...)

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