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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bite Me! by Melissa Francis

Finally! The much anticipated debut YA novel by Melissa Francis is out today. Run right out and buy a copy for every teen girl you know!

AJ Ashe isn't your typical seventeen-year-old vampire—as if there is such a thing! She's stuck in the middle of a huge fight between her two BFFs. Her ex-boyfriend—whom she's still totally in love with, by the way—is now her stepbrother. A former classmate—who, um, she may or may not have turned into a vampire—is stalking her. And now, apparently, the fate of humankind lies in her little undead hands.

What ever happened to the good old days, when all a vampire girl had to worry about was the occasional zit and hiding her taste for blood?

Many smart and stylish people love this book. For instance, me! And also New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter, who says, "This book is made of awesome!" (I'm not kidding, that's a direct quote.) So obviously, all the cool kids are doing it. You should do it, too! Here, I'll make it easy. Click the link!


Many smart and stylish people? Well, that would certainly include me!!

Thanks, Lulu! You're the best. I have been overwhelmed with love and support this week. It's amazing!

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