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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tip Sheets

I just a call from my editor that she's about the write the tip sheet for my book. Wow, does that make this all seem real. Tip sheets are for use by the publishing house only, written by the editor and shown to marketing types, salespeople, the art department--basically anyone who has anything to do with your manuscript becoming an actual book will see this thing. It has all the basic info like title, pub date, author bio, summary, etc. Plus, the item my editor was calling to ask me for: any important industry contacts.

Eep! I totally blanked. Not that I don't know anyone, but do I really truly know anyone in the industry that the marketing guys are going to care about?? Perhaps sensing the racing of my mind, the lovely editor hastened to assure me that she didn't need it right away. Maybe if I emailed her in the next few days? I said that I would, and hung up feeling grateful for the reprieve.

Now I have three days or so to make some important industry contacts!! Quick, any suggestions?


I'm a very important industry contact. You should totally put me down.

I'm not so don't put me down, but congrats on the milestone.

What exactly is an 'important industry contact'? Hummm, I'd help but you can put me down just for laughs. :)

Kristen, don't think you and Jax aren't already on my list. The Divas are a force to be reckoned with!

Wow, makes it all seem real, doesn't it?

How exciting, Louisa!

I've tagged you on my blog today. Have fun mama!

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