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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sour Cherries

It's that time of the year again--sour cherry season in Ohio! Now what to do with a giant bucket of fresh sour cherries...

I'm starting with the basics, cherry cobbler. As it's served in most restaurants and diners, cherry cobbler is like cherry pie substituting a crumbly sugary topping for the crust. Traditionally, however, the topping is more like tender, craggy drop biscuits that soak up the cherry juices beautifully.

Cook's Illustrated, my new favorite cooking magazine, is providing the recipe for my first Sour Cherry Week recipe. It involves a cup of dry red wine in the cherry filling. I'll let you know how it goes! Anyone cooking anything interesting with all this gorgeous summer produce?


Not cooking with cherries, but coincidentally enough, I just polished off a whole cup of them with breakfast. Fresh, plump and juicy. Yum!

I love fresh cherries and interestingly enough, in my family, my dad is the master cherry pie maker (like his mom, I guess).

The last fresh summer produce I cooked with was asparagus I grilled with olive oil, fresh cracked pepper and sea salt. 'Cause that's my hat and that's how I hang it.

I used to work in You-Pick cherry orchards in California in the summers. I just like to eat them raw...why cook anything when it rocks with no extra work? Yum! :-)

Bing and Rainier cherries for sure are so wonderful uncooked, it's hard to imagine doing anything else with them. Sour cherries, on the other hand--maybe I'm a wimp, but I think they need the sugar and biscuits and whatnot!

K, the asparagus sounds toolicious!

Making some homemade Maraschino cherries chez Meg!

Sounds yummy! If I could bake, I would.

So, what would it take to get me on your blogroll! LOL

Jaxalicious, you're there!

Wow! that sounds so de-lish. Please do let us know how it turns out. Yum.

I am a Cook's Illustrated addict. I have stack and stacks of those things!

I can't cook because of the crutches, but I love rhubarb pie!

Ooh, Feisty, Rhubarb Pie is my absolute favorite kind of pie! It's in my top five favorite things to eat of all time. And dude, you don't have to keep all the magazines, just subscribed to, it's all online. Space saver!

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