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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cherry Update

So we had Sour Cherry Cobbler for dinner last night (and um, maybe again for breakfast this morning) and damn was it good! If I do say so who shouldn't. Veeery tart, since I skimped on the sugar, with nice buttermilk biscuits on top. The biscuits were baked separately first, which I'd never done for cobbler before, but it made them very crisp and delicious on the outside with enough structural integrity to keep the cherry juices from dissolving them. The cherry filling was augmented with a cup of dry red wine, and it deepened the flavor of the cherries without taking over the whole cobbler.

Anyway, it was a perfectly lovely dinner, and covered all the major food groups. Fruit, obviously. The biscuits contained accounted for both the grains and the dairy, and we're going to give them protein, too, because buttermilk is just multitalented like that. So there! Dessert for dinner is a totally viable option. Shut up.

Today is also a happy happy day because I got my Nordstrom "free" gift with my purchase of beauty supplies. Yay! I love free gifts I actually secretly paid for with the mark up on my make up! You have to hit a certain total to qualify and I, of course, ordered things I didn't need at all in my effort to hit that total. Because I wanted the gift! It's a pretty good one this time, a great big tote bag and lots of little goodies like Egyptian Face Cleanser and Bulgari Eau de Parfum.


I love the shut up part. That made me laugh out loud.

I'm kinda jealous of your dinner. There, I said it.

Shut up! LOL


I am soooooo craving your cherry cobbler!

The only time I buy my foundation is when I can get free gifts. It validates paying so much for it!!!

I'm still drooling.

I love free gifts:)

Your cherry cobbler looks beautiful, btw. Between that and watching "Big Night" for the upmpteenth time, I'm full!

Yum. Didn't have dinner tonight. Well, wait, I did - but I think cobb salad at an anonymous restaurant in the village probably doesn't count. Ugh.

Yum. That sounds so good. I love sour cherries.

Love free gifts and I love Nordstrom's.

Did you know the Nordstrom family got their money panning for gold in Alaska? Once they got enough money they opened a shoe store for all the gold panners and the rest is history.

Your cobbler sounds awesome. Mouth watering.

Seems to me the only necessary food group you missed was caffeine. But that food group's only required when you serve cobbler for breakfast.

And I am so a sucker for those free gifts. LOVE them

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