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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Giveaway: Hot Under Pressure

I got a precious few advance copies of Hot Under Pressure, hot off the presses! It looks so pretty in person, you guys. I'm a little obsessed. And I want to spread the obsession, so I'm giving one away this week! One lucky person won't have to wait until March 27th to get their hands on Beck. Rowr!

And in case you're on the fence about entering this contest (although I don't know why you would be, since it's all completely free and super easy) here's what a few reviewers have had to say about HUP:

"San Francisco scenery, delicious menus, and warm relationships finish Edwards's Recipe for Love trilogy on a high note...A warm and authentic tearjerker." --Publishers Weekly

"Edwards’ funny, lovable characters slice, dice and julienne fry their way to a satisfying conclusion. Délicieux!”--Reader to Reader Reviews

Edwards brings her Rising Star Chef trilogy to an extraordinarily entertaining conclusion with a captivating second chance-at-romance story that is expertly leavened with a delicious wit and generously spiced with sensuality.” --Booklist

So here's what's going to happen. Pay attention, this is how you win!
1. Answer the question posted on my Facebook wall. Just put your comment right under my post on my fan page here. OR if you don't have an FB account, answer the question on this blog, in the comments below.
2. If you haven't already, you can feel free to "Like" my Facebook Fan Page, but it's not a requirement to enter the contest! I'd also love it if you followed me on Twitter @LouisaEdwards. Because then we can chat!
3. Check back tomorrow morning on my Facebook Fan Page to see if you’ve won–I’ll post the winner’s name here on the blog, too, so make sure to come back and look for it. You’ve got one week to claim your prize, or I’ll have to give it to someone else. So be sure to check back!
4. This contest is open to international residents, but the prize for an int'l winner will be an unsigned copy of the book. 


What I love most about re-united lovers is.... the thoughts and imagination that put ME in the picture. My imagination go wild with this scenerio.

What I like most about re-united lovers is.... the comfort and familiarity of it. Also, it does tend to make you think about what ifs..

so excited for Beck's story!!

What I love most about re-united lovers is... I like that they have a way of working through all the past feelings and moving on to making things work the second time.

Hey! Congrats on new book! I love books with reunited lovers because they have past history. There will be angst involved in getting back together.

the hot make -up sex ;-)

What I like most about reunited lovers is that they know each other - their good and bad - their comfort with each other.

I love to see how reunited lovers have rown and changed over the years.

What I love most about reunited lovers if the history they over come to find love everybody real or fiction has things to over come to let love blossom and with them its always them growing and learning from there mistakes don't we wish we all did

What I like about reunited lovers is, they are given another chance to love each other and will not have to live with,...if only.

Another chance....and it's my life. My husband and I married and divorced at a young age - then met again when we were older and wiser - remarried and still going after 10 years now. They are my favorite story line now whether it's historical, contemporty or paranormal.

Reunited lovers are so romantic. The have all that whirly, swirly history...sigh. I cannot wait to read about Beck!

And the winner is...Laura Kurtzweil Jossart! Congrats to Laura, and thank you to everyone who commented here and on my FB page. Your answers were so wonderful, they made me want to write another reunited lovers story! I hope you'll love Beck and Skye when their book comes out on March 27th.

Stay tuned for more giveaways...

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