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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Release Day: Some Like it Hot!

“In the latest toothsome addition to her Rising Star Chef series, Edwards delivers an emotionally engaging love story, expertly spiced with love scenes hot enough to caramelize crème brûlée. As the icing on this literary cake, the mouthwatering descriptions of the dishes prepared and realistically rendered kitchen scenes prove Edwards is as gifted at writing about food as about romance.” --Booklist on Some Like it Hot

And now it's finally here! Happy book birthday to Danny and Eva, the hero and heroine of Some Like it Hot. I can't wait for all of you to read their story and follow along with their kitchen exploits in the second installment of my Rising Star Chef trilogy. 

Some Like it Hot is my scorching follow-up to last August’s Too Hot to Touch…and my first ever pastry chef hero! Danny Lunden stole scenes (and readers’ hearts!) when he first appeared, and I’m thrilled to share his story of love, family, and fabulous confections with all of you. Especially since reviewers are already licking their lips over it! RT BookReviews gave SLiH four and a half stars, saying “Edwards gives readers exactly what they’re looking for: a great storyline and wonderful characters, some of them loveable, some of them smoking hot.” Rowr!

Want to hear about the story? Well, as RT puts it, Danny Lunden is a take-care kind of guy and he will go to the wall for those he loves. Competing in the Rising Star Chef Competition is a great way to get publicity for his family restaurant, and focus all his attention on the job he loves best. Eva Jansen has taken over running the competition from her father and she is determined to do it right. Danny intrigues her; he’s kind, caring and not impressed by her or her money, and when they get together, sparks fly. But with the competition beginning to spiral out of control and her father breathing down her neck, Eva has no time for a relationship and Danny agrees. Still, they are drawn together, until Eva’s bid to keep the contest dramatic threatens to destroy their fragile trust.”

Some Like it Hot is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, and indie bookstores near you!

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That is one smokin hot cover. I am going to buy just to look at. I might read it when I get tired of looking :)

Happy release day!

Happy Release Day Louisa! Can't wait to write my 2 cents.

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