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Friday, May 20, 2011


I've got so much fun stuff to share as things gear up for the release of TOO HOT TO TOUCH in August! For instance, I decided to get in on the Romance Trading Cards fun, and (of course) went a little overboard--I did a card for each member of the team in my new culinary competition trilogy, plus the subplot romance hero and heroine! I'll be sharing those with you soon, but first, the Big Reveal:

My new, gorgeous, hotter-than-a-red-hot-skillet cover for SOME LIKE IT HOT! This one won't be on sale until November 27th, but until then, feel free to stare at this guy and daydream. I've barely stopped looking at him since he first appeared in my inbox. And if he inspires you to pre-order the book, well, good. It's already up on Amazon, BN, Borders, and more!

Let the drooling begin...


Love the new covers! Hot, hot, hot!

I love it! Your covers just keep getting better :)


Wow, WoW, WOW! This cover is gorgeous! I cannot wait for this series!!!

I can't wait. Going through withdrawal today & reading parts of Just One Taste when I have so many other books to read!!

Wow! He is hot! Um, can I get him in my kitchen?

Great flat belly cover guy which will make me grab this book fast to flip through and savor the juicy parts.

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