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Friday, February 12, 2010


Actually, Snowpocalypse 2010, or as some people are calling it, Snowmageddon, turned out to be more like Snowtopia for us--we got stuck in Manhattan! Tragic, I know. Okay, working out the flight home was zero fun, but we finally made it, and our extra night in town was well worth the hassle. We braved the snow drifts and made our way up to the Upper West Side, our old stomping grounds, and visited my favorite NYC restaurant, Ouest.

I can't even fully described why I love that place so much. It's partly the fantastic, hospitable bartenders, partly Tom Valenti's menu with its unique, eclectic offerings like Truffled Omelet Souffle Mousseline, Roasted Bone Marrow with Short Rib Marmalade, Shallots, Parsley and Apple Salad, and the most perfect pan-roasted chicken you'll ever taste. I was elated they were offering one of my favorites in their Simple Grill section--rack of lamb. SO. EFFING. GOOD. Perfectly cooked lamb, smoky from the grill, served over pesto-toasted bread slices. Nestled around the plate are softly caramelized whole cloves of garlic, the perfect accompaniment. I ate waaaay more than I meant to.

Anyway, thanks to the travel craziness of the last few days, I haven't put up my Bocuse pics yet. They're coming, I promise! In the meantime, if you haven't had enough of me already, there's an awesome interview posted on the Women On Writing site. Check it out! They asked some really interesting questions.


Your interview on the WOW site was really inspiring. Thank you for sharing! And I'm super psyched to learn more about the third recipe for love book and the next upcoming trilogy!! You are keeping it SPICY Louisa!

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