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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drastic Measures

My sort of in-between-not-bob has been annoying me lately, and luckily, I have a haircut scheduled for this afternoon! I think something exciting may occur. Something along the lines of Alisan Lohman's short, sassy 'do:These are the pics I'm taking with me to the salon; not that my stylist, sweet as she is, has ever shown much aptitude for duplicating a hairstyle from an image, but I live in hope. We'll see what happens.


LOVE that haircut! (Hope your hairdresser comes close)

PS Followed you over form Kristen Painter's blog)

Love, Love, Love the haircut. Maybe she'll get it right! Need before and after pics!

Yes, before and afters are a must. Also, I thought you lived in Ohio. ;o)

This haircut is absolutely adorable!

That cut will be adorable on you. Glad to hear (via twitter) that you were happy with the result.

My continued attempts to get my 70's shag reverse mullet going? Not so much. But it is purple underneath now. That's kind cool.

I always thought that was a cute cut! Can't wait to see it. I think you'll carry it off well.

Um, so where's your after pic???

Love it - it will look great on you!

I second Mel with the before and after shots!

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