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Friday, October 17, 2008


Don't tell my editor! I ought to be writing, but it's just so beautiful outside. I love fall, it's always been my favorite season. My birthday season! And one of my favorite things about it is the precious, last few weekends of farmer's markets. Here in Ohio, they go through October, but not much beyond. My favorite local place, Kramer's Market, is jammed full of pumpkins, more squash in different sizes and colors than the eye can properly differentiate. It's a sight. My church, the sweet little Episcopal place downtown, hosts a mini-farmer's market on alternating Saturdays, just for local people to come and sell their garden produce, loaves of bread, homemade desserts, etc. It's less formal than a "real" farmer's market; no stalls, just folding tables and chairs and a lot of people chatting and having fun. On a recent trip, I bought a sack of lovely potatoes, some of the first, pretty fall apples (specifically, ones that are good for baking--I'm determined to perfect my tarte tatin this year), and a loaf of honey wheat bread. It was a good haul! We've already used some of the potatoes to make Julia Child's version of latkes, crazy French potato pancakes made with cream cheese, Gruyere, and cream (oh, those wacky, wonderful French!), and we've devoured the bread making fried egg sandwiches and cinnamon toast. Yum!

I'm still waiting for the right moment to make my tarte tatin. Maybe this weekend when my sister is here visiting...


Great. Now I'm hungry. lol

It all sounds so delish. I'm hungry too.

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