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Monday, July 28, 2008

RWA National Conference 2008 - The Ferry Building

When Mark Twain said that the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco, he wasn't just whistling Dixie. Sweaters are a must (I like cardigans for ease of layering) and be sure to bring a pair or two of long pants. Seriously, even when it's sunny and gorgeous out, as it was on Saturday when we enjoyed the hell out of the fantabulous farmers' market at the Ferry Building, it's still cold in the shade.

The Ferry Building is just unbelievably cool. I can't say enough about it. We've been there twice in three days, and I fully intend to go again when the outdoor farmers' market tents are set up again. they only come out Saturday and Tuesday, so if you get to SF anytime between 10 and 2 on Tuesday, I suggest you head straight for the waterfront and some of the best and most tempting food I've ever been involved with. Seriously, I would move here just to go to this market every week. To the left are Mama and Daddy enjoying an amazing open-face sandwich which tuna lox, homemade cream cheese spread, roasted golden beets, thinly sliced red
onions and a sprinkling of walnuts. We'd already had breakfast when we happened across this stall, and everyone said we'd get one to share because no one wanted more than a single bite. I'm telling you, there weren't even crumbs left. Also consumed that day by my deliriously happy family: cherry turnovers (may contain pits), a ratatouille turnover, and samples of the sweetest nectarines ever from Frog Hollow Farm, and a jar of spiced tomato juice and one of hibiscus lavender lemonade.

On our second trip for lunch yesterday, we browsed through Book Passage Bookstore (where I daydreamed about setting up a book signing during the Saturday Farmer's Market--hey, it could happen!) and an antique culinary store where we saw a complete set of absinthe spoons, before popping into Taylor's Automatic Refresher for lunch. You order at a counter and sit at long wooden tables. It's fast food heaven, with gourmet burgers, tacos, fries and shakes all made using Ferry Building vendor produce. I ordered the special Duck Confit Tacos, pictured right, with a bright mango salsa and shredded cabbage for crunch. Stinger had the Wisconsin burger, which involved cheddar cheese, bacon, and sourdough toast instead of a bun. He was generous enough to share both his amazing Garlic Fries, tossed with pureed parsley and garlic to crisp perfection, and his White Pistachio Milkshake.

We left heavier, but happy. Now on to Napa!


Sounds delish!!!


*theresnoplacelikehome. theresnoplacelikehome.*

seriously, I'm jealous. Enjoy Napa and think of me often.

Very cute picture of you two!

I was going to call you this afternoon and then remembered that you're in California. I'm jealous.

I expect FULL Napa updates.


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