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Thursday, November 15, 2007

For the last time (I hope)

I'm switching blog addresses. The "improvements" to the iLife software I've been using have slowed everything down to quagmire-speed, and in some cases, have caused computers to crash. Since that seems unlikely to tempt anyone to keep up with my blog, I've decided to try the new Blogger. It seems to be as essentially idiot-proof as it was before, so hopefully I'll be able to limp along with this for a while. God, I hate technology.

I know, I know, it's what makes our modern world go 'round. And I'm the first to admit that when my laptop gets jostled or banged too hard, I get heart palpitations. What can I say? I'm whiny, as well as inconsistent. But I have good points too! Really.

Anyway, don't mind me, I'm just giddy because last week I was offered literary representation by a dream of an agent, Deidre Knight, and it's all still so new and exciting! Plus, it seems my friends get wonderful news on their writing projects almost daily, and it's very energizing. At the moment, it's energizing me to write this blog, and later I hope the energizing will extend to finishing reading the Gena Showalter manuscript I promised to review for Fresh Fiction, and packing for our visit to New York this weekend. Yay! I don't think either of those things constitutes much of a chore. I don't want to give away any of Gena's secrets before the book actually comes out, but I will say that anyone who likes unique, kickass heroines and tortured, sexy heroes running around in a fascinating imaginary world will looooove Savor Me Slowly. The title is a misnomer, by the way. The book is impossible to savor slowly. I'm ripping through it so fast, the pages are smoking a little bit.

That's all for now; writing about the book makes me want to go read it.


You're going to NYC again? That is so unfair. SO. Un. Fair.

Hate you. In a loving, friendly, your-toes-have-touched-my-backside kind of way.

I love you. Have I told you lately that I love you?

I'm headed to NY on the 9th and I can't wait!!!

Shoot, G, I wish we were going to be there at the same time! We're like ships passing in the night.

And Kristen, I don't want to hear it. You live in lovely, scenic Florida where you lie out by the pool every day. I am currently freezing those little toes off in East Bumf***k, Ohio.

I NEED these trips to New York.

I have so totally missed you! Thank God you've found a new home. Now I must add your new address to my blog roll...

Gena...I thought you loved me? Sniff.

Mel, my sweet, Gyna Snowater has enough love in her heart for everyone!

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