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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Release Week Continues

Wow, what a day I had yesterday! So much good stuff happened, it's hard to remember it all. Too Hot to Touch was mentioned by one of my all-time favorite romance authors, Eloisa James, in her monthly romance newsletter for B& parents took me out for lunch at a cool new Mexican place and I had sangria in the middle of the awesome blogger and avid romance reader, Marisa O'Neill, did a fabulous, insightful analysis of all my heroes on Heroes & had about 40 amazing readers and author friends show up at my live chat last fabulous husband brought me pink champagne and cupcakes to celebrate...and today, the San Angelo Standard-Times published a very cool article highlighting my books and sharing a couple of recipes! Oh, and I got my giant box of author copies of Too Hot to Touch.

But the very best thing about yesterday was all the readers who emailed, Facebooked, or Tweeted me that they were already devouring Too Hot to Touch. Y'all are incredible (and very fast readers, wow)--the wind beneath my wings, seriously! You are why I write, and nothing makes me happier than hearing from you.

THANK YOU for making my day.

As for today, I'm the Spotlight Author over at Fresh Fiction, and am also their guest blogger. Leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win a signed copy of Too Hot to Touch and a set of my Rising Star Chef romance trading cards!


Congratulations, Louisa! I can't wait to dig in to the book:)

Congratulations, Louisa! I can't wait to read Too Hot to Touch. However, I'm saving it for my special beach read. We're going to the beach for my 40th birthday this year and all I've asked my husband and son for is one uninterrupted afternoon under the beach umbrella. I'll be digging into Too Hot to Touch then. It was sure hard not to start it when I got the box from Amazon yesterday though!

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