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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I'm Thankful For: Part 3

What holiday would be complete (or bearable) without alcohol? New Year's means champagne; Christmas means punch (and bourbon balls, and whiskey cake, and more champagne--is it any wonder Christmas is my favorite holiday?) but for me, Thanksgiving is all about the wine. Specifically Beajolais Nouveau, a light, fruity red that comes out in the fall and is only good to drink for a few months. This is not the wine to buy a case of and stick in your cellar and wait for it to mature. It's ready to drink NOW. And come Thanksgiving? I'm usually ready, too. I've tried three so far this year, but my favorite is, for once, the most readily available.

Chill it a little, pop the cork, and enjoy. It's perfect with turkey (and turkey leftovers), chicken, meatier fish like salmon and sea bass, duck, and lamb. With anything, really. And it's usually pretty reasonably priced, too. I think my wine shop had the Duboeuf at around $12. Maybe I'll head back over there today and stock up...


Never tried it. My family doesn't drink so neither do we when we're with them, but family is completely bearable without alcohol so it's no loss. Hotrod's family on the other hand? Pass me the bourbon.

Love the Beajolais! It's so good this time of year. Unfortunately, red wine now gives me migraines, so I'm off it. But the white goes down just a smooth.

It's funny--I drink with Stinger's family just to get through it, and I drink with my family because we all enjoy it and it's fun!

Sounds awesome! I'm such a wine drinker...I'll have to pick it up. Although, I've discovered cheap-o Beringers Moscato and I'm in love. I tend to like the dessert wines for some reason. :) It replaces my need for sweets.

I'll have to give this a try. Thanks.

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