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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blog Alias

My husband needs a blog alias. Partly because I'm sick of calling him "my husband" all the time, like some creepy Stepford person, and partly because it's what all the cool kids do. Yes, I'm susceptible to that. Sue me. Kristen Painter calls her hubby "Hotrod", which I totally love. Mel Francis's man is known as "Fishdog" to the blogosphere.

So I'm auditioning husband aliases. Anyone have any suggestions? I have occasionally referred to him here as "the Honey", and he doesn't like that. Apparently it's emasculating. Who knew? Anyway, he's into classic cars, sailing, journalism (Hunter S. Thompson is his fave), reading, Ancient Rome, tennis, running, our dog (also named Hunter--coincidence? Nope.), and me. Other things too, but that's all I'm coming up with this early in the morning. Looking at the list, he seems pretty much like the WASPiest guy ever. Which is basically true.

King Wasp?


King Wasp works.

My DH is usually called BigTea on my blog. He drinks lots of tea and his name starts with T, so that was easy.

How about Stinger? It's waspish, but also sounds like he might have picked it up in the big house. Gives him some bad boy flava.

That totally doesn't look like you in that picture.

I'm so boring, I just call him dh.

He even signs his posts now dh.

How about Clark (aka Clark Kent) since he's a newspaper guy. In private of course, he turns into your own private Superman:)

Stinger's perfect, because it's also the name of a cocktail - something else he's into. I second Kristen's vote!

I'll have to run the possibilities by the man himself, and see what he deigns to be called. Thanks for the ideas!

I'm sorry I missed the naming fun. :(

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